Skyjack Refresh Gives TH Telehandler Series Better O&O Costs

Based on customer feedback, Skyjack has updated a number of design features on its TH series of telehandlers. The primary goal of these changes is to reduce maintenance time in the field and ownership costs.

“These are the first significant design changes that we have done since launching,” says Kurt Atchison, director of product management at Skyjack. 

The refresh includes:

  • The tilt compensation cylinder configuration now uses a dual cylinder setup to better distribute the load and improve reliability.
  • A high-pressure filter has been added to the hydraulic system to complement the oil return filter and to reduce the risk of contamination.
  •  Greaseless pivot bearings now secure the main boom. These eliminate the chore of greasing the bearings and reduce the risk of damage caused by a dry bearing.
  •  A new steel engine cowling will better resist dents and dings while also requiring fewer repairs.

The changes affect TH Series models SJ519 TH, SJ643 TH, SJ843 TH, SJ1044 TH, SJ1056 TH, and SJ1256 THS.

“Telehandlers are often the first machine on the jobsite and the last ones off,” says Matt Lyons, vice president of sales in North America. “By improving these areas and removing certain maintenance responsibilities from end users, we’re putting control of the machine’s longevity and performance back into the hands of the rental company.”