Six Great Attachments For Digging, Grading and Moving Dirt

When it’s time to get down into the dirt and do some digging and grading, check out these six attachments for excavators, skid steers and compact utility loaders.

Grade in 2D or 3D

LeveL Best box bladeLevel Best’s Dual Mast PD Series laser grade-control box blades come in either Topcon 2D or 3D grading versions. The blades are designed to minimize potential bounce from a skid steer’s short wheelbase. They can be used for such tasks as concrete subgrade, parking lots and fine grading. John Deere dealers are offering the box blades for the company’s skid steers and compact track loaders. The attachments come in three models: the PD-72, PD-84 and PD-96. The model numbers refer to the box blades’ width in inches.

Turn tractor into backhoe

Kioti Backhoe AttachmentKioti’s backhoe attachments can trench down 94 inches and deliver a digging force of 3,758 pounds. The entire backhoe attachment, minus the mounting frame, can be quickly detached. The hydraulic controls are operated by two levers. There are four models: the SB2410L, KB2465, KB2475L and the KB2485. Features include subframe mounting, self-contained hydraulics and hydraulic stabilizers. Buckets range from 8 to 36 inches, and all have replaceable teeth. The attachments also have transport locks and anti-drop load-checks.

Easier-fitting teeth

Volvo Tooth System

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched the Volvo Tooth System for its medium-sized and large wheel loaders and excavators. The system features a hammerless pin design for installation. The teeth are designed to dig deeper and stay sharp longer, leading to greater penetration, fuller buckets and faster cycle times. The company says the teeth also have a self-sharpening design that leads to less fuel consumption. The teeth are compatible with Volvo wheel loaders between L60 and L350 and Volvo excavators from 14 to 95 metric tons.

Resist abrasion when digging

Doosan heavy duty bucketDoosan’s heavy-duty excavator buckets are designed with a reinforced diamond-folded section for added durability. Available for use with crawler and wheeled excavators, the buckets feature high-strength side wear plates and bottom wear strips for enhanced strength. A variety of excavator tooth systems can be added to match digging conditions. The buckets come standard with a lift eye for lifting tasks. The cutting edge is made of AR400 steel plates. The buckets’ abrasion-resistant material also reduces their weight.

Digging with a Dingo

Toro Dingo bucketToro is offering a variety of buckets for its Dingo TXL 2000 compact utility loader. The company’s standard, high-volume and grading buckets can be mounted to the CUL’s standard skid-steer mounting plate. The Standard Bucket is for general material hauling on a jobsite. The High-volume Bucket can handle dense and bulky materials. And the Grading Bucket features a low-profile design and an extended bottom plate to provide a clear view to the attachment’s cutting edge.

One bucket, many uses

Kubota Land Pride bucketKubota’s Land Pride CB25 series combination buckets can dig, push, backfill and carry material. The operator can switch modes without leaving the seat of the skid steer or compact track loader. The buckets come in three widths, with the last two numbers of the model representing the inch measurement: CB2568, CB2574 and CB2580. They feature grapple teeth for picking up and holding material of various sizes, shapes and weights. An optional hydraulic valve is designed to prevent hydraulic bleed-off and improves cylinder control.