professional paint contractor

Should I Paint My Own Home, Or Hire a Professional Painting Contractor?

professional paint contractor


You have decided to paint your house. The next decision you need to make is whether you do it yourself or hire a painting contractor? When weighing the options ask yourself these four important questions.


1. Should I paint my own house?
Painting seems simple enough, but there are a few things you should consider before trying to paint your own home. Supplies required include not only paint, but materials including brushes, rollers, painter tape, drop clothes and more. A do it yourself project intended to save you money may cost you more in the end.

The location you want to paint is a factor. Are you able to safely reach the areas you want to paint? Ceilings, foyer and tall walls can provide painting challenges and may require scaffolding or ladders. If you are painting outside consider the dangers of painting the homes exterior. Falling off a ladder or a roof is a danger of tackling an outside painting project.


  1. Will my paint adhere if not prepped well?
    Skipping the prep work saves time in the short term but a quality paint job requires proper preparation. For new paint to stick your interior or exterior surfaces needs to be clean and free of dust that could interfere with the paint’s ability to adhere. All holes, cracks or other imperfections need to be patched prior to paint application.


  1. What is the cost to paint my homes exterior?
    According to the trade organization Painting and Decorating Contractors of America the average cost of exterior painting is $1,000-$1,500 per 500 square feet. Several factors go into this cost including paint quality, height of the home, decorative features, number of coats of paint required and other considerations. Darker colors often require multiple coats of paint and fade sooner than lighter colors, so you’ll have to repaint more often.


  1. Why hire a professional painter?
    Experienced, professional painters understand how best to prep walls and surfaces. They also know which paint is better for certain areas – eggshell, flat, semi-gloss or gloss. They don’t cut corner and know if an area should be brush or roll painted.Unless you have prior painting experience you should consider how much time it will take you to complete your project and if it is better to hire a contractor. What could take a professional painting service a few hours might take a homeowner all day. In fact, it tends to take homeowners twice as much time to paint as it would take professionals.

    Consider your supplies. It can be expensive to buy including brushes, rollers, drop clothes and ladders. A project that was supposed to save you money can quickly cost you more. Painting companies have the proper equipment so that the job is done right and safely.

    They also have the skill and knowledge to know when are the right time of year and temperature to paint for exterior projects. Painting in weather that is too hot or too cold can cause the paint to dry to quickly or adhere improperly.

Experienced painters can make your project easier and a better end result. Hire a contractor such as JK Paint & Contracting who is licensed, bonded, and insured, Sherwood Oregon painting contractor.