Send in the Robots! Husqvarna’s New Remote-Control Demolition Machines (Video)

Robotic demolition machines have become the answer to one of construction’s most dangerous missions – how to take down unsafe structures or structures in unsafe environments.

Husqvarna’s new DXR robots offer a new remote-control platform and more power and control to meet these challenges. The remote-control console allows you to work up to 328 feet from the machine and reports machine status in real time on a large LCD screen that remains visible in dark or bright environments.

Joystick thumb switches are customizable by the operator, and a choice of belt or ergonomic harness keeps operators comfortable in a variety of situations. A thumb switch lets you easily choose between work and transport modes.

All four models are third-party certified for machine safety, EMC and functional safety. And all are electrically powered with shore power connections and lithium-ion batteries. Work tools are hydraulically actuated.

Husqvarna DXR remote-control demolition robot World of Concrete 2022Husqvarna launched its new DXR demolition robots at World of Concrete 2022.Equipment WorldThere are four models in the lineup:

The compact DRX 275 offers light weight and low ground pressure and can still deliver high impact forces working on floors with limited load bearing capacity. It reaches up 189 inches and reaches forward 177 inches.

  • Power: 24 kW (32 hp)
  • Weight: 3,858 pounds
  • Hydraulics: 20 gpm/3,626 psi

The DXR 315 has an 18-foot telescopic arm and flexible reach with precise positioning. Outriggers are individually controlled and expand to create a large, stable footprint. It can be used in construction, demolition and materials processing. Reach height is 216 inches; forward reach is 205 inches.

  • Power: 27 kW (36.2 hp)
  • Weight: 4,452 pounds
  • Hydraulics: 22.5 gpm/ 3,626 psi.

The DXR 305 offers excellent power to weight ratio and a width of just 30.7 inches, allowing it to fit through most standard doorways. It reaches up 205 inches, and forward reach is 193 inches. A long, fixed-arm design produces high hitting forces and minimal service requirements. Its large footprint and individually adjustable outriggers are designed for stability during high-power operations.

  • Power: 27 kW (36.2 hp)
  • Weight: 4,303 pounds
  • Hydraulics: 22.5 gpm/3,626 psi.

The DXR’s 145 is the most compact of the robots with a 360-degree rotating arm for reach and flexibility. Its compact size fits in a van or elevator and can even climb stairs. It also offers low ground pressure to work in areas with limited floor load. Reach up is 173 inches, and forward reach is 146 inches.

  • Power: 18.5 kW (24.8)
  • Weight: 2,171.52 pounds
  • Hydraulics: 14 gpm/3,626 psi 

Multiple applications

Demolition robots are more than just a clever way to take apart structures. By virtue of their precision, they are ideal for removing partial structures such as pipes, staircases and ceilings when you need to avoid damaging surrounding structures.

They can also be maneuvered into confined spaces and operate in environments with potentially hazardous gas, high temperatures or radiation heat. Typical attachments are hammers and shears, but with the right attachment, they can be used for a variety of tasks, even skid-steer work.

Check out the video below of a DXR in action at World of Concrete 2022: