Sany Launches SSR80 Soil Compactor for Roads, Parking Lots

Sany’s new SSR80 single-drum roller is designed for soil compaction for roads, parking lots and residential developments.

It runs on a 72-net-horsepower Yanmar engine. The 15,752-pound compactor is Sany’s smallest single-drum roller for the U.S. market and comes with a padfoot shell kit for changing from smooth drum. The drum is 66 inches wide.

Other standard features include dual amplitude and frequency, single-lever control for travel and vibration, limited slip differential, steel sun canopy and fan, Danfoss hydraulic motor, full-color LCD screen with diagnostics, Bluetooth, USB charging, cupholder and an LED work light package.

The canopy is ROPS and FOPS certified and has a suspension seat. It is designed to give the operator a clear line of sight. The steering wheel tilts and can be adjusted.  

SANY SSR80 Roller riding up dirt pileSanySany says it gave the roller a higher centrifugal force for increased productivity and higher ground clearance for mobility. Daily fluid fills are placed at ground level.

The SSR80 has a max travel speed of 6 mph. The vibratory system delivers frequency of 29.5 / 33.4 Hz. Amplitude is 1.9 / 1.2 millimeters.

Gradeability with the smooth drum is 50%, and 40% with padfoot. Sound level for the operator is 76.9 decibels.

The roller is 16 feet 11 inches long, 6 feet wide and 10 feet high. Drum diameter is 4 feet. It has a curb clearance of 1 foot 3 inches.