Rototilt redesigns 5 tiltrotators for smoother operation, precision

Rototilt R3

Rototilt has spent the past year updating its tiltrotators for longer life, smoother operation and increased precision, the company says.

The updates have been added to the R3, R4, R5, R6 and R8 tiltrotator models, which fit excavators ranging from 6 to 32 metric tons. Tiltrotators are designed to rotate attachments 360 degrees and tilt them for increased maneuverability.

Rototilt says the improvements include a new worm gear for smoother operation. The worm screws have built-in lubrication channels, and the company used tighter manufacturing tolerances and improved the geometry of the worm gear’s components to reduce friction.

The sensor for the Rototilt Positioning Solution, which automatically adjusts the tilt of the tiltrotator, has been moved from the hydraulic motor to the gable to increase excavation precision.