Roof Leaks Can Increase Bills, Cause Mold & Are A Structual Hazard

You find a drop of moisture on the floor, and quickly look around for the source. At first you think one of the kids might have dumped some water on the floor, or maybe the dog had an accident, but then you feel a drip on your head. When you look up, you see the tale tell signs of a leak coming from your ceiling.

When your roof leaks, it doesn’t just mean you now have an annoying bucket feature in the middle of your hallway. If left unrepaired for long, it can lead to serious damage in your home. You probably know that a leaking roof is bad for the roof itself, but it may surprise you to learn about these other ways a leaky roof can be damaging. If you suspect you have roof damage or that it’s getting out of control you should call a local roofing contractor at once. With that said, here are the implications of not getting the problem fixed.

High Utility Bills

One of the first signs of a leaking roof is the damage it does to your pocket book. A leak can ruin your insulation, causing your home to become less efficient, and your electricity bill to skyrocket. If you haven’t seen a leak in your home yet, but notice your electricity bill is inexplicably high, beam a flashlight around your attic and look for leaks. You may be surprised at the damage that can be done before the signs are obvious in the home itself.

Fire hazard

Leaks are more common in some parts of the roof than others, but they can happen anywhere. If your leak happens to develop over your electrical wiring, it can lead to a major fire hazard. This is why getting leaks fixed promptly is critical, not just for the roof itself, but for the safety of everyone inside.


If a leak has been developing for a long time before you notice it, mold could be another concern. Mold develops anywhere moisture is present, and can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Small children including infants are especially susceptible to mold related illness. If you see a leak, it’s imperative you take action if you have children.

Structural integrity

Leaks can weaken the overall integrity of your home, causing your house to become unstable or even unlivable. If the leak is bad, left for a long time, or simply in a bad location, it can soften and weaken the rafters or weight bearing beams. If this happens, your whole home could be put in danger instead of just a few shingles. No one wants to discover their roof is leakier than they thought when part of it collapses in, so getting a leak fixed promptly is critical.

Even if you don’t suspect a leak, it’s a great idea to check your attic every once in a while after a rain to see if you can detect any moist spots. If you see a leak, getting it fixed as early as possible will save a lot of damage to your home. Your home’s roof is meant to keep everything inside safe from the elements, and when moisture gets through, it can lead to big problems. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping water out of your house.