Road Widener’s New Curb Backfiller Accessory Reduces Labor and Cleanup

Road Widener has introduced a new accessory for its FH-R material placement attachment for curb backfilling without the cleanup.  

The Curb Backfiller attaches to the FH-R and dispenses material over the curb to backfill with dirt or aggregate. This replaces a backfilling method typically done manually by workers with shovels, increasing safety, efficiency and accuracy, the company says. It also keeps debris off the roadway, eliminating the need for additional cleanup with street sweepers.  

It can fill on the right-hand side by default, or the left, with a dual configuration. Road Widener says it is ideal for residential developments with new curbs and parking lots with green space requiring backfill.

The FH-R and Curb Backfiller are compatible with skid steers, compact track loaders, wheel loaders and motor graders. Operators can control the Curb Backfiller using the same remote as the FH-R, reducing the number of needed laborers to just one.

A protective wheel prevents the accessory from scraping against the curb, providing a better backfill and a longer curb life, the company says.

“We recognize the tremendous labor shortage our customers are facing, and it’s taking a toll on their ability to complete work. We have always sought to design solutions to limit labor and increase safety,” said Jeremy Dehnel, Road Widener LLC director of sales. “This really comes down to efficiency and how the Curb Backfiller accessory accelerates project timelines, increases safety and cuts out unnecessary steps in the backfilling process.”