Renting a Modular Space: Setting Up an Office on the Jobsite

Setting Up an Office on the Jobsite

Modular offices, aka construction trailers, aren’t the single-wide, aluminum-sided house trailers that once dotted construction sites around the country back in the 1970s. Modern modular offices are aesthetically pleasing, available for rent, lease or purchase and offer a wide range of floor plans, interior configurations, options, amenities and accessories.

If your work is expanding to larger commercial or industrial jobsites, it might be worth investing in a rental unit to see how it works out. They’re available in a variety of sizes, some as small as 8 feet by 20 feet and others spacious 12 feet by 56-feet trailers containing multiple rooms. All the mobile offices are self-contained and prefabricated. They require minimal set-up once moved to the site of your choice.

Mobile Office Security

Security is an important consideration on any construction site. Certain pieces of equipment, plans, electronics and other important materials must be safeguarded from the elements and the potential for theft or damage. Consider asking potential rental agents about the security features they offer to clients interested in renting or leasing a modular office.

• Do they provide locks and protective mechanisms that are rated to offer the best possible protection for what’s inside the trailer?

• Can they provide you with deterrents against break-ins or theft, such as secured surveillance cameras, motion-activated lighting and alarms?

• Do all office modules include options for heat, A/C, indoor restroom facilities, sinks and other amenities?

Tour any available modules and ask the agent about the age of each unit, construction materials and how well it can withstand sudden storms or temperature changes.

OSHA Requires Portable Restrooms on Construction Sites

OSHA guidelines call for one toilet for every 20 or fewer employees on a job site and one toilet seat and one urinal for every 40 workers. Portable facilities should be placed in a safe area that’s easily accessible (within a 10-minute walk from where workers perform their jobs. OSHA also calls for including a hand washing or sanitizing station with each unit and cleaning and servicing the units at least once a week. Most modular offices are available with at least one full restroom and many modular rental companies also rent portable restroom units.

Benefits of Jobsite Offices

These units are typically used on larger or long-term jobsites that often see visits from clients or investors. Each module gives visitors a more comfortable setting in which to discuss plans, freshen up or even grab a quick meal. On jobsites with only a few indoor spaces, these trailers can improve the comfort of both visitors and workers by serving as a breakroom or lunch area. In addition to featuring upgraded appliances, running water and other amenities, these trailers are available with electrical, Wifi and cable hardware already installed

They Go Where You Go

One of the most popular features of these mobile offices is the ability to quickly and easily move it from one jobsite to the next. If rented or leased, contracts can include an agreement for the rental company to deconstruct, move and re-assemble your office at the new site.

Don’t Forget the Organizational Benefits

Most jobsites leave a lot to be desired when it comes to being able to use a certain area for conducting business, holding meetings, taking breaks or even temporarily storing supplies and other items. How many times have you or one of your crew members had to run to your truck for some paperwork, a special tool or an extra tablet?

Modular offices include plenty of storage options for important documents, receipts and work orders, files, electronic equipment and tools. When everyone on your crew knows where everything is located, there’s less scrambling around looking for something.

In the long run, having a modular office space on your jobsites can help improve efficiency and productivity while reducing some of the costs and stress associated with working on larger jobs. This is the one office you can take with you.