Reasons Why Used Construction Machinery Is Better For Your Business

Many companies focus on buying new construction machinery for their business instead of thinking about what they actually need for their operations. There are certainly advantages for purchasing used machinery and the process is somewhat similar to buying a new piece of equipment.



Why Companies Prefer the Used Machine Market

Construction equipment typically requires a large investment both in time and money to find the right piece for your needs. Used machinery offers many advantages over new equipment including:


  • Less expensive – Once construction machinery has been used the value drops by 20 – 40%. A used piece of equipment in good condition, works just as well as a new one, but won’t cost as much. Other costs, such as taxes and insurance will be lower for used machinery too.


  • Increased purchasing power – New construction equipment with all the bells and whistles can make them out of price range. With used machinery your dollar goes further allowing you to get features that you might otherwise not been able to acquire.


  • Higher resale value – By purchasing used construction machinery, the future resale value will be closed to what you paid versus if you bought it new as the depreciation has already happened.


  • Possibility of wider selection – Companies that purchase new equipment often face delays from the manufacturer. When you choose to buy used equipment, the inventory is readily available so you can make the best decision for your business.


While the advantages of buying used construction machinery are clear, there are some considerations you need to think about as well.



Language Barriers

One problem with the international trade of construction machinery is the language barrier. Communication can be difficult as many people are looking to buy construction or other types of machinery, but do not speak the seller’s language or find it difficult to navigate the web platforms because they are mainly in English.



Technical Inspections and Transportation

Another major issue is that the machine might be located in England and the customer is from Romania or Russia and cannot do a technical inspection of the machine to complete the sale. If an inspection is able to take place, then it might be difficult to arrange transportation of the machinery. Thankfully, all these obstacles are now resolved for potential purchasers.



Used Construction Machinery Solution

There is a new Marketplace coming soon that brings together 12 of the biggest industries including: Transportation, Construction Machinery, Farm Machinery and Equipment, Forestry Equipment, and Material Handling. This new used sales machinery marketplace has great image navigation in over 1000 machine categories. It is a multilingual marketplace with correct translations for most languages. In addition, there is a machine inspection / inspection opportunity before purchasing with a machine transportation software coming soon. This platform helps to unite the world, increase and facilitate the trading of used machinery. Buy the right machine with just a few clicks wherever you are in the world. Visit to explore this new marketplace.