Raken app makes it easier to conduct toolbox talks

Raken has a new app to make it easier for superintendents and foremen to conduct toolbox talks, including finding the topic information, getting signatures from attendees and sending confirmation to the office.

The Toolbox Talks app allows the scheduling of jobsite safety talks by mobile device, including collecting signatures on the spot and submitting proof the talk was held to the safety manager.

The app eliminates the need to search for the paper copy of the talk topic, print it, collect signatures on the paper and then email or fax the document to the office.

With the app, foremen can gather workers’ signatures by having them tap their names and sign with a finger or by automatically adding a photo of a paper sign-in sheet. The signatures are stored with the talk and can be searched to see which workers attended the session.

The app also allows safety managers to upload talk topics, schedule talks for multiple jobsites and collect and download completed reports.

Raken says the app is designed to let superintendents, foremen and safety managers focus on the crew’s safety rather than paperwork.

It includes a library of company-approved talks, which foremen and superintendents can search to find the appropriate talk for the day. They can also find such information as compliance statistics, attendance and task progress.