Radar-, camera-based driver assistance system now standard on Kenworth T680

Kenworth T680

T680 with 40-inch sleeper

Kenworth is making Bendix’s advanced driver assistance system, Wingman Fusion, standard equipment for its T680 on-highway truck.

Bendix Wingman Fusion integrates radar, camera, the vehicle’s foundation brake system, and SafetyDirect by Bendix CVS into a comprehensive driver assistance system.

Built on the Bendix, ESP full stability program, Wingman Fusion offers enhanced collision mitigation, lane departure warning, stationary vehicle braking, and overspeed alert and action. This combination typically enables the system to assess a situation faster and react earlier, alerting the driver and decreasing the vehicle’s speed by up to 40 percent more than Bendix Wingman Advanced, while also reducing instances of false alerts and false interventions, the company says.

The system can help drivers maintain safe distances, mitigate collisions with other motorists who change lanes suddenly, and safely operate in rapidly changing and difficult-to-see conditions like snow, rain, fog, dust or smoke.

Kenworth began offering Bendix Wingman Fusion as an option on the T680 option two years ago and Kenworth Marketing Director Kurt Swihart says the system has been a popular choice among fleets and truck operators. You can read more about the Fusion system in our original coverage.

Fusion is also available as an option for the vocational Kenworth T880 and on the medium duty Kenworth T270 and T370 models.