Product Roundup: Deere’s 470G LC Excavator Gets SmartGrade

The John Deere 470G LC excavator will now offer a full range of grade management solutions including SmartGrade, SmartGrade-Ready with 2D, 3D Grade Guidance and 2D Grade Guidance.

Factory-installed and calibrated from the dealer, the 3D grade control system automates the position of the bucket as you dig, resulting in accurate dimensioned trenches and contour work. That means you only move the dirt once. You don’t have to compact dirt that has been over-excavated, and in many cases, you can eliminate or greatly reduce the time and work done by finishing machines such as dozers and motor graders.

In addition to SmartGrade technology, the 470G LC model features various precision technologies including Virtual Front, Over-dig Protect, Virtual Ceiling, Virtual Floor, Virtual Swing and Virtual Wall. Upgrade kits for Deere’s SmartGrade technology can be installed onto equipment at later dates to match contractors’ changing needs.

Everything’s going autonomous – even Komatsu’s water truckkomatsu water truckKomatsu’s HD785-7 autonomous water truck drives itself and remembers how much water to put down.Komatsu

Komatsu has been field testing an autonomous water truck, based on its proven Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). The technology on the concept HD785-7 truck autonomously controls the truck’s movement and water distribution through the same platform. The company hopes to introduce the HD785-based autonomous water truck in 2022.

Komatsu’s AHS enables the water truck to travel autonomously on a pre-defined haul road and work cooperatively with other autonomous trucks and staffed equipment. The system controls the amount of water dispersed, according to the vehicle speed and haul road incline, and also “remembers” the watering history to avoid overwatering.

Trackunit, ZTR join forces to make telematics data easier to use

Machine data is of little value unless you know what to do with it. In other words, it has to be “actionable.” That’s the idea driving the merger of Trackunit and the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) division of ZTR. The two companies are uniting to accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation — with collaboration and service at the center of their strategy.

After the transaction closes, the combined entity will help customers collect data and translate it into actionable results that enhance utilization, increase fleet availability, improve safety and reduce equipment loss.

Trackunit is an SaaS-based IoT solution that collects and analyzes machine data in real-time to deliver proactive and predictive information to customers. ZTR develops IoT solutions using telematics that allow companies to remotely monitor and manage mobile as well as fixed assets. 

In making the announcement, company executives noted that the realm of IoT and telematics has evolved from simple track and trace technology into actionable insights that create value. 

“We see the industry at a pivotal turning point when it comes to digitalization of their business and equipment, and customers are looking for a trusted partner,” says Soeren Brogaard, CEO of Trackunit. “By combining our businesses, we’re elevating our technology and increasing the value customers will be able to extract from their data.”