Product Roundup: Brokk Telematics Keeps You in the Know and more

Brokk telematics keeps you in the know

The demolition robot company Brokk has upped its tech game with the latest version of its online telematics platform, the Brokk Connect 2.0. The new version features an always-on geofencing function, user customization and a weekly status report. The service for Brokk Connect 2.0 is available throughout Europe and North America.

Geofencing helps Brokk owners keep track of the location of their machine and deter theft and unauthorized use. With the status reports, customers can monitor jobs, activity and operational data.

Information from Brokk Connect also lets owners manage fleet utilization and optimize project planning. Combined with an Uptime service contract, Brokk will monitor the machines’ status, as well as troubleshoot issues remotely and proactively to make sure machine uptime is maximized and the robot is always ready for the next job.

Epiroc partners with Kempower for battery charging.EpirocCollaborations expand Epiroc’s range of charging solutions for equipment

Epiroc, a manufacturer of mining and construction machines is partnering with Kempower, a Finnish technology company that designs and manufactures direct-current, fast-charging solutions to extend the options available for the electrification of Epiroc equipment.

The company’s charging products encompass several different models, fixed and mobile, to ensure that its battery electric vehicles (BEV) can be charged at any given time or place. Epiroc chargers come with a connectivity option that allows you to monitor their charging products remotely through a cloud service. When new software is available or if the system needs attention, it can be updated remotely by an Epiroc service technician.

The charging product portfolio includes lifting tools for Epiroc batteries as well as expert advice on the design of charging bays. The electrification offering from Epiroc also includes battery conversion kits to minimize the cost of ownership of BEVs.

Besides chargers, Epiroc is offering Batteries as a Service (BaaS), which removes the risks associated with owning batteries. The Epiroc solution provides all the benefits of electrical power and takes the responsibility for the batteries, from certification to maintenance plus technology upgrades. And with the recent acquisition of Meglab, Epiroc now has in-house capabilities to explore innovation around efficient electrical infrastructure as well as intelligent charging equipment.

Nautiz X9 PDA ultra-rugged smartphoneNautizTough jobsites, wimpy phones? The new Nautiz X9 PDA is the equalizer

There’s no getting away from the need to use a smartphone on the jobsite nowadays, but the problem is that your typical phone is, shall we say, sensitive. Not the kind of product you want to take into the oil field, forest, mine, demolition site or quarry, not to mention disaster zones after a flood, tornado or hurricane.

A company we’ve just heard about, the Handheld Group from Sweden has launched a new version of its Nautiz X9 PDA, what it calls an ‘Ultra-rugged” handheld build for fieldwork in challenging outdoor and industrial environments. This tough-enough unit has magnesium housing and a long-life battery. It is rated at MIL-STD 810G ruggedness for drops, vibrations, humidity and operating temperature, and it’s IP67 for waterproof and dust-tight integrity. It can be used as a mobile computer, data collector, field controller, 2D imager and screen recorder.

The unit’s hardened glass, sunlight-readable, 5-inch display offers glove and rain modes. A high-speed, eight core MediaTex processor powers the unit’s 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It runs on an Android 11 platform and has built-in GPS/GLONASS/Galileo capabilities. Dual cameras give you 13 megapixels facing the rear and 5 megapixels facing the front. The company also offers a wide range of accessories for the Nautiz X9 PDA including a pistol grip, pole mount, holsters, vehicle cradles and desktop chargers.