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Popular Paint Colors To Expect In 2020

Getting Ready To Paint?
Ahhh, the look and smell of new paint on the walls or exteriors, just makes you happy. You have accomplished something, and it looks great. Nothing is more exciting than a fresh, new change, right? However, it can be a daunting process when deciding what type of paint and color to choose? What about certain surfaces or covering up old colors?

How do you know what to use and where?
Seek the help of a professional. Don’t go to your local home center. Most of them only mix paint, and restock. They don’t really have professional answers, so go to the pros, at Sherwin Williams. There’s a reason their catchphrase is “Ask Sherwin Williams”. They can tell you how to cover up that bright red room in a house you just bought, or even cover up water stains. Don’t be afraid to ask their opinions because, they have seen it all, and know what does and does not work, inside and out.

Looking to see what the color trends of 2020 are?
It seems to be all about going softer or deeper. Lilac gray is a beautiful new bedroom color as well as pewter, which is a gray and beige mixture. Misty blues and green do wonders to lighten up a room. Deep Mustard is a fun color with an earthy color that plays off plants. Soft clay is another earthy color with hints of pink to soften it. For the more robust choices, dark greens, and blues with some having hints of gray really stand out. It all depends on your personal taste and how you use it. If you’re not completely sure you want a trendy color completely covering a room, consider adding an accent wall to make a room stand out.

What is Sherwin Williams color of the year?
Last years’ Sherwin Williams color of the year, 2019, was “Cavern Clay”, a tribute to the American Southwest. It was a deep earthy clay color traditional of the southwest. The 2020 color is Sherwin Williams Naval. It is a deep dark blue, almost black color which resembles midnight. It is somewhat of a tribute to the sky, where you can let your imagination soar. It can look great as an accent wall, on cabinets, anywhere. You put it where you want to feel good looking at it. Isn’t that what the paint is all about? Making your space make you happy.

Looking for a Professional Painter to help?

Once you have made your selection for your new paint color, hiring a painting contractor should be your next step. JK Paint & Contracting is a high-quality painting contractor that is experienced and reliable. If you have a home in the Sherwood area, contact them to paint your home’s interior or exterior.

Color trends 2020 is all about you!
Color trends are painstakingly selected and are a great way to rejuvenate your home. Painting a room tells something about you, so check out the new color trends to find what says, you!