Polaris’ new jobsite-ready PRO XD UTVs boast industry-leading payload, towing capacity

From left, Polaris’ PRO XD 4000D and PRO XD 2000D

Polaris designed its new lineup of UTVs for work in all kinds of environments – with industry-leading payload of 1,930 pounds and a 2,500-pound towing capacity.

The line of utility task vehicles consists of the four-passenger PRO XD 4000D with all-wheel drive and the two-passenger PRO XD 2000D with either two-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Polaris says it incorporated feedback from commercial and military customers in designing the PRO XD models for durability, safety and easy service.

They run on a 24.5-horsepower Kubota Tier 4 Final industrial diesel engine, reaching a top speed of 26 mph. The UTV’s speed can also be limited for jobsite compliance. The engine braking system delivers slow decent down hills.

To boost towing and payload capacities, the company designed a new rigid-frame chassis and boosted suspension. The bed is made of rust-free, dent-resistant composite and is large enough to fit a full-sized pallet. Driveline components are also made to resist corrosion.

The 26-inch hard-surface jobsite tires are puncture- and wear-resistant; a heavy-duty clutch improves belt life; and the seat material is designed to resist punctures and tears, the company says. The tires are nondirectional, all the same size and designed for easy replacement.

To improve serviceability, Polaris doubled maintenance intervals to 200 hours and added a digital display with alarms to notify the operator of such issues as low oil pressure, parking brake engagement, belt burn and engine overheat.

The UTVs have side access to the air filter and dipstick, and front air intake for cleaner air ingestion, the company says.

The optional cab is fully sealed to keep out dust and reduce noise. The UTVs come standard with backup alarm, horn and parking brake. They can only start in Park with the brake engaged. The company says it added the industry’s largest foot wells for easier entry and exit and gave the vehicles orange seatbelts and decals to improve their visibility on the jobsite.

Polaris also says it made it easier to add electronic accessories, such as lights and radios, to the UTV’s power source.

Quick Specs

Size/Capacity             PRO XD 2000D                PRO XD 4000D

Height                               75 inches                                 75 inches

Width                               62.5 inches                              62.5 inches

Length                              126 inches                               157 inches

Towing                              2,500 lbs.                                2,500 lbs.

Payload                             1,900 lbs.                                2,075 lbs.

Seating                              2 people                                  4 people

Weight                               1,595 lbs.                                1,925 lbs.