Pick Your Power Source on New JLG Compact Crawler Boom Lifts

JLG’s X770AJ and X1000AJ compact crawler boom lifts now let you pick your power source based on your environment.

Working outside? Go for the diesel engine. Need a low-noise, emissions-free solution for indoor work? Switch over to the lithium-ion battery pack. Both power sources are full-sized and capable of running the machine independently.

“The Bi-Energy system is designed to maintain the high performance and efficiency our customers expect from the X770AJ and X1000AJ, while minimizing their carbon footprint and decibel levels,” says Angela Patterson, JLG boom lift product management specialist. “With this option, operators can choose the best power source for the application (either the engine or the lithium-ion batteries). This dual power source design means that JLG Bi-Energy models can be used in a wide variety of settings — from general greenfield construction projects to environmentally sensitive job sites.”

As an example of how operators would use this technology, Patterson says, “Using the engine’s power, users can drive the machine to where the overhead work needs to be done, and they can switch to zero-emissions, all-electric battery power to work at height for the remainder of the shift. When the work is done, the users can power the engine back up and drive the machine for use at another location.”

The X770AJ comes with a 100Ah 76V lithium-ion battery pack. The X1000AJ has a 150Ah 76V lithium-ion battery pack. The batteries can be charged from an outlet at any time or while the machine is in use. Both machines are equipped with a 21.6-horsepower Kubota D902 diesel engine.

The models have features common with other JLG compact crawler boom lift models. “Both new Bi-Energy models use the same console box layout as the rest of our compact crawler boom lift line, simply adding two new buttons to switch between the independent power sources,” says Patterson.

Thanks to the dual power sources, Patterson says, the models are ideally suited for use in cold weather, as well as in airport and aviation settings, building construction and restoration, cleaning, data centers, electrical, facility and grounds maintenance, HVAC, industrial and petrochemical facilities, plumbing and warehouse applications.

The new Bi-Energy option will be available on other JLG compact crawler boom lifts in the future.