Painting a Home With Lead Based Paint and Why You Should Hire an EPA Certified Contractor to Help

Before 1978, lead was added to paint to make it last longer. However it has since been discovered that lead exposure is toxic and can result in brain and organ damage. As a result lead paints were banned, but there are a large number of older homes that have lead paint on interior and exterior applications. The primary danger of lead paint is from dust or if paint chips are accidentally consumed.


Removal of lead based paint by an EPA Certified Contractor

If you suspect your home may have lead paint then an EPA Certified Contractor can test it to prove for sure. Lead paint that is peeling or otherwise deteriorating is particularly a health hazard and should be dealt with right away. Once the EPA Certified painting contractor has confirmed that you have lead paint in your house they will take extensive precautions to remove it from your home.


To begin the process, they will first remove all furniture and items from the room or area. Next plastic sheeting is applied over the entire floor and attached to the baseboards with duct tape to prevent dust and paint ships from contaminating the floor. All of the doors and windows are closed and the home’s HVAC system is shut off and plastic sheeting is used to cover registers and vents.


The EPA painting contractors will wear protective gear consisting of a lead-rated HEPA respirator mask, googles and rubber gloves. The painters will spray the paint with a solution that minimizes the dust and then scrape away any loose paint. Then they will wet it again and sand the paint while wiping away the area with a damp sponge to remove any lead dust and debris. The proper removal of lead based paint is a time-consuming yet important step in eliminating this health hazard from your home. Once done with the removal, they will use an industrial HEPA vacuum specifically designed for lead dust removal for the cleanup. All of the residue will be collected and properly disposed of. After the proper removal of lead based paint, the EPA Certified painting contractor can begin painting your home.


Interior painting of homes built pre-1978

Once the home is free of lead based paint, your interior painting project can begin. While normally, you may only want to repaint the walls of your home with homes that are built before 1978, it is important to repaint all of the surfaces. You will want to paint the walls, doors, trim, wainscoting and the ceiling too.



Exterior painting of homes built pre-1978

While the inside of the home has a significant impact in the health of your family, having the exterior painted is important too. Cracked and peeling paint can still be blown into the house from open windows and doors. Be sure to have all of the areas of the home repainted including the siding, trim, doors, awnings, porches and shutters.



Lead safe painting contractor

Hiring an EPA Certified painting contractor to remediate your home of lead paint will let you and your family breathe easier knowing that your home is safe. JK Paint & Contracting is Licensed and EPA approved by the state of Oregon as a lead safe certified contractor. When dealing with a home or facility built prior to 1978, the State of Oregon requires a certified lead safe contractor. JK Paint & Contracting has worked on numerous projects involving lead-based paints. In fact, OSHA has visited JK Paint & Contracting lead paint job sites and been impressed with our compliance to their rigorous safety regulations. Our lead safe certified employees are trained, protected and properly equipped with EPA/OSHA approved lead removal equipment and respirators to ensure their safety.


JK Paint & Contracting is EPA certified contractor in Newberg, Sherwood, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and the entire Portland-Metro area. Call our experts today for a free no obligation quote.