Overhauler is a genius truck rack that lifts loads for you, even as a mini crane (VIDEO)

By far the coolest truck gadget I saw while wandering the show floor at SEMA this year was the Overhauler, a hydraulic truck rack that takes the work out of loading up your truck.

At first glance, it’s just a normal, if not slightly odd-looking truck rack. But when activated via its remote control, the rack tilts backward, lowering nearly to the ground at a 60-angle. From this upright position, you can strap whatever it is you need to haul on the rack to the Overhauler, tap the button on the remote control again and let it do all the lifting as it raises back into its flat position atop the truck.

But, thanks to an optional integrated winch at the rear of the rack, you can also use the Overhauler as a mini crane capable of lifting up to 400 pounds. Check it out lifting a tire in the video below. (I caught the tail end of the tire being lifted out of the bed and lowered onto the ground.)

The Overhauler has a “no-drill” installation, welded tied-down cleats, and a 12-volt hydraulic drive. On its website, the company says the power unit “can be mounted directly on the base rails of the truck rack, or on the truck’s frame underneath the truck box for a custom install. You can also mount an additional battery to power the pump directly, or run power cables from the one under your hood.”

The rack is sold in 68- and 79-inch models which include: installation hardware; hydraulic cylinders, power pack and hoses; and a mounting bracket and cover for the power pack. Not included are the auxiliary battery (if you’re not planning on wiring directly to your truck’s battery), wiring and terminals. (They also make these racks for UTVs, starting at $749.)

If you want to spring for the winch package, that gets you the 2,000 pound remote-controlled winch and a bracket for mounting the winch to the rack’s flip bar.

Pricing on the Overhauler starts at $3,900 for the rack. The winch package adds $400 to the price. You can see full pricing details here.