No GPS, No Problem: Topcon’s New Solution for Curb and Gutter Work

Topcon Positioning Group’s new solutions for curb and gutter paving help contractors maintain accuracy and productivity even in places where GPS coverage is interrupted.

The new solution augments contractors’ existing Topcon Millimeter GPS concrete paving technology using either the Topcon GT-1200 series robotic total station or the LN-150 robotic layout navigator.

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By temporarily turning over control of the paver to a robotic instrument, contractors can continue to work and maintain adherence to the plan when GPS signals are interrupted by foliage canopies, large buildings, tunnels, overpasses, and other obstacles, says Brian Lingobardo, Topcon business manager for concrete paving.

Using Topcon’s LongLink communication for connectivity, both instruments enable a prism solution to quickly switch between Millimeter GPS and LPS (local positioning systems). The self-leveling LN-150 is a cost-effective robotic solution while the GT-1200 series instruments can serve that purpose and perform a full range of functions as a standalone surveying total station.