New Werk-Brau Nox Tiltrotators Turn Excavators into Multifunctional Carriers

The new Werk-Brau Nox tiltrotators can turn an excavator into a multifunctional carrier, enabling increased efficiency and safety on the jobsite, especially in confined spaces, the company says.  

Available for excavators from 3 to 25 tons, the tiltrotator provides 360-degrees of continuous rotation with a tilt angle of 2 x 50-degrees.

The TR06NOX is for excavators with an operating weight of 3 to 6 tons. The TR07NOX pairs with excavators from 4 to 7 tons. There is a TR11NOX for 6-to-11-ton machines. The TR14NOX is for 10 to 14 tons. The TR19NOX is for excavators from 14 to 19 tons, and the TR25NOX attaches to excavators with operating weights from 19 to 25 tons.

A range of tools, including fork tines, grabs, grippers and buckets, are available.

The units feature integrated hydraulics with no protruding components, reducing the risk of damaging cylinders or hoses. The attachment has cast housing, only two greasing points, fewer wear parts and a worm drive for difficult tasks. An elliptic rotary actuator helps keep the overall height of the unit low.

For added safety, the standard D-Lock coupler locks both front and rear pins and does not require a safety pin. This ensures operators can pick up all standard OEM attachments in the same class. D-Lock couplers are compliant to the ISO 13031 International standard and all major contractor policies.

The NOX tiltrotator, quick coupler and mounted attachments can be controlled with the NOXPROP+ control system. The touchscreen display can be retrofit to any machine and allows operators to individually assign functions and create user profiles.

The system also includes integrated GPS, LTE, Bluetooth and WiFI antennas. The units are compatible with 2D and 3D grade control systems from Leica, Trimble, Topcon and Moba.

When combined with SmartTag, NOXPROP+ can be connected to fleet management systems. The system is pre-equipped for future assistance functions such as dynamic scales, 2D height and depth display, BPM and fleet management or copilot systems.

Nox Tiltrotators are manufactured by Kinshofer.