New Trimble base station comes with cellular connections for office-to-field connectivity

At the heart of all GPS/GNSS site monitoring and machine automation is a base station, and Trimble has introduced a new one. The RT750 improves performance for more reliable and precise positioning in the field. The unit broadcasts Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections for everything from seismic surveying, monitoring, civil construction and agriculture.

Trimble Base StationAccess to all available GPS/GNSS signals improves performance and reliability.TrimbleFeatures and benefits include:

  • Improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions.
  • A built-in LTE modem that provides connections to the internet making it easier to extend the range anywhere with cellular coverage.
  • The modem also gives you remote access and management, delivery of email alerts and notifications and data transfer between the field and the office.
  • Combined with Trimble 4D Control real-time monitoring software, users can capture high-frequency 3D positions for alarms and reporting on movement.
  • Multiple communication methods provide flexibility for customers on how they deploy their monitoring system.

“The R750 delivers significantly improved satellite tracking and connectivity, while also providing a vastly improved user experience,” said Scott Crozier, vice president of Trimble Construction Field Solutions. “The ability to manage the base station remotely and to receive status notifications about the unit while in the office reduces downtime and the need to travel to the site. The new Trimble R750 is a game changer, especially for users who manage base stations in remote locations.”

The R750 is available for order now through Trimble’s distribution partners.