New Tobroco-Giant G3500 Loader: Telescoping Boom, Bigger Loads, More Versatility

Giant G3500 Z-Bar compact wheel loader

Giant G3500 Z-Bar compact wheel loader

Tobroco-Giant offers three different boom options with its latest compact articulating wheel loader, the Giant G3500.

The standard G3500 comes with a Z-bar boom. The G3500’s X-Tra model offers higher lift capacity and increased visibility. The G3500 can also be configured with a telescoping boom for extended reach and lift.

The company says the G3500 models achieve high tipping loads compared to their weight. They also boast a narrow width range of 55 to 65 inches and a 65-inch height for squeezing into tight jobsites. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

The models run on a 66-horsepower Kubota engine that is compliant with Tier 4 Final and European Stave V emissions standards. The standards are achieved by diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter.

Giant G3500 Tele compact wheel loader

Giant G3500 Tele

The loaders can travel up to 18.5 mph and have a two-speed gearbox. They also feature hydrostatic four-wheel drive with automotive control. Both 14-ton axles feature a switchable differential lock for maintaining traction in slippery conditions.

The loader comes standard with ROPS/FOPS safety roof that can be extended into an air-conditioned cab. The steering column is adjustable and the seat is air-suspended. Operation is by integrated joysticks. A central LCD display shows such information as oil temperature and regeneration.

Tobroco-Giant placed service points under the hood, the tilting cab or other panels. A variety of attachments are available, with the G3500 X-Tra able to switch to sweeper or snow blades.

Giant G3500 X-Tra compact wheel loader

Giant G3500 X-Tra compact wheel loader

Quick specs

  Giant G3500 Z-Bar Giant G3500 X-Tra Giant G3500 Tele
Engine type Diesel, Kubota 4 cylinder Diesel, Kubota 4 cylinder Diesel, Kubota 4 cylinder
Emissions Tier 4 Final Tier 4 Final Tier 4 Final
Output 66 HP 66 HP 66 HP
Travel speed 18.5 mph 18.5 mph 18.5 mph
Lift height (hinge pin) 129.6” 106.4” 169.8”
Tipping load 5,070 lbs 8,600 lbs 5,291-1,521 lbs
Rated operating capacity 2,535 lbs 4,300 lbs 2,646-761 lbs
Service weight 7,720 lbs 7,480 lbs 8,690 lbs