New Kubota Snow, Compaction, Grapple Attachments Coming

Kubota revealed several new attachments for its compact equipment recently, including new snowblowers, plate compactors and a grapple.


Kubota is launching new snowblowers for its equipment through its Land Pride subsidiary.

The SBL30 series features two motor options to accommodate hydraulic oil flow of 17 to 23 gallons per minute or 27 to 33 gpm. They come in widths of 74 or 84 inches.

They also have two chute options for dumping snow. There is a standard chute and an optional all-new fold-over chute that enables you to dump snow beside the skid steer or compact track loader.

Kubota Snowblower SBL3074 stand-alone studio show=tKubota SBL3074KubotaA flat plate option is available for the skid shoes for when you come up against curbs or other tight spaces.

The SBL35 Series has the same features as the SBL30 but is geared to high-flow equipment of 34 to 41 gallons per minute like Kubota’s SVL97-2 compact track loader. Features on both include a 16-inch serrated rotor and 26-inch five-blade impeller. Bolt-on wings are optional.

The snowblowers are scheduled to arrive at dealerships in March 2023.

Vibratory plate compactors

Kubota PC400 vibratory plate compactor attachment for compact excavators studio photoKubota PC400 vibratory plate compactorKubotaKubota is also introducing a new line of vibratory plate compactors for its 3- to 8-ton excavators.

Models in the new series include the PC400, PC700 and PC1000. The attachments are designed for compacting soil and aggregates in trenches and embankments, as well as when leveling and working up against foundations. Features include a maintenance-free bearing.

They are expected to arrive at dealerships in December.

Compact Claw Grapple

Kubota CGC1040 compact claw grapple on Kubota SCL1000 stand-on compact utility loaderKubota’s new CGC1040 compact grapple claw on SCL1000 compact utility loader.Equipment WorldNext is Kubota’s newest grapple, the CGC1040 Compact Claw Grapple. It is designed for Kubota’s SCL1000 stand-on compact utility loader.

It has a 32-inch opening and is 40 inches wide for moving brush and limbs, as well as large stones, particularly useful for landscaping work, the company says. It weighs about 300 pounds and is narrow enough to fit through residential gates. It is made of AR400 steel and has five upper and six lower tines that are 5/16th of an inch thick. It operates on max pressure of 3,000 psi.

It is scheduled to be available at dealerships in May 2023.

Kubota CGC1040 compact claw grapple jaws open studio shotKubota