New Komatsu PC2000-11 excavator gets power boost for loading 200-ton trucks

PC2000-11 loading a 730E-8

Komatsu’s new PC2000-11 excavator is designed to load 70- to 200-ton rigid-frame dump trucks faster than its predecessor, boosting productivity up to 12 percent.

To achieve the performance increase, Komatsu gave the new hydraulic excavator a 9 percent increase in power over the PC2000-8, for a total of 1,046 net horsepower, and added a new engine-pump control. The hydraulic system automatically adjusts flow to operating conditions. In heavy-lift mode, the boom attains 10 percent more lifting force. New electronic proportional control valves in the hydraulic system also help increase work speed, according to Komatsu.

The company says it simplified the excavator’s power module, including the engine, hydraulic pumps, cooling package and PTO, to reduce noise and make it easier to access and maintain its major components.

Komatsu’s seven-camera KomVision system that provides a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the work area comes standard, along with the system’s 10.4-inch touchscreen monitor.

The PC2000-11’s specialty is stripping overburden, loading coal and shot rock, the company says. The company gave the boom stronger, thicker plates and castings and strengthened track and center frames. Carrier rollers are larger, and seals have been improved, the company says.

The engine achieves Tier 4 Final emissions compliance with no diesel exhaust fluid or selective catalytic reduction, instead relying on Komatsu dual diesel particulate filters. The engine also features auto-idle and auto-idle-shutdown to conserve fuel.

The cab has a new large-capacity air conditioning system and is accessed by a 45-degree hydraulically actuated boarding ladder and has a secondary ladder.