New Epiroc VC 2000 Drum Cutter Works Like a Bucket

Where a regular drum cutter must move side to side to create an even trench, Epiroc’s new VC 2000 can achieve the same result by just going straight.

The attachment works like a bucket, the company says, resulting in less wear on the carrier machine’s arm, time savings and energy savings of up to 40%. The V-shaped design enables a cut with a flat base with the same depth over the entire width.

The V-Cutter is designed for excavators weighing 20 to 40 tons. The cutting head is 40 inches wide and features 60 picks. The QuickSnap system enables picks to be changed quickly. A wide range of pick types are available.

The company says the attachment produces 160 horsepower and provides each pick with maximum cutting power at the recommended rotation speed of 75 rpm.

The VC 2000 comes as standard with the rigid Pro bracket. Mechanical and hydraulic rotatable brackets are also available, as well as a dust-suppression system designed to meet OSHA silica dust-reduction regulations. The water is sprayed directly onto the cutting head area.

All hydraulic hoses are routed through the center of the protection arm, keeping them protected. The unit can be used up to 99 feet underwater without modification.

The HATCON monitoring system keeps track of operating hours, location and service intervals. Users can log into My Epiroc via desktop or mobile device to access data and get service notifications.