New Earphones Help Construction Workers Hear What They Need To While Blocking the Rest

ISOtunes has launched two new sets of earphones that allow workers to block out harmful sounds while still being able to hear co-workers and warning signals, the company says.

The company is offering both over-ear and in-ear Bluetooth devices with what it calls Aware Technology. The new technology uses omni-directional microphones to provide “situational awareness and protection at the same time.”

The earphones also contain “high-fidelity speakers that enhance the natural sounds around you and custom-engineered digital signal processing for precise impulse filtration that reduces harmful sounds in less than 2 milliseconds.”

ISOtunes Link Aware HeadphonesThese Link Aware headphones from ISOtunes have a battery life of 14 hours on one charge.ISOtunesThe earmuff-style headphones are called Link Aware. They have a battery life up to 14 hours on one charge. They reduce noise by 25 decibels and are water- and sweat-resistant. The company says a noise-isolating microphone blocks out noise for clearer calls. Cost: $130.

The ISOtunes Pro Aware earbuds come with foam ear tips. Battery life is 10 hours per charge. They reduce noise by 26 decibels and are water-, dust- and sweat-resistant. When not in use, the ear phones stick together magnetically to keep the band around your neck. Cost: $130.

The ISOtunes website says the Link Aware headphones will be available July 7, and the Pro Aware earbuds are available now.