New Dynapac F1250CS paver can be operated remotely by one operator

Dynapac F1250CS asphalt paver

Dynapac F1250CS asphalt paver

Dynapac is offering wireless remote control for its new F1250CS tracked paver, allowing the paver to be operated by just one person, from the ground.

The paver can work in narrow and confined spaces, with basic paving widths of 3.9 to 7.3 feet. And when working in those tight spaces, such as deep trenches, operators can leave the cab and operate the machine remotely. Dynapac says all paving and driving functions are integrated into the optional wireless remote.

And when the operator remains on the platform, Dynapac added some comfort features to make the workday less taxing. That includes a backrest with a storage compartment for the dashboard cover. A non-slip platform design. The platform also can be extended. The company gave the engine a thermostatically controlled fan, so it only runs when needed, which reduces noise.

Toggle-switch controls are arranged logically for easier use. Controls used most often, like the hopper, screed and joystick, are positioned closest to the operator. The waterproof dashboard includes integrated electric screed-heating control.

The VF240VE Front Extension Screed, also launched at ConExpo, has hydraulic extenders in front of the main screed, which the company says makes it easier to handle jobs with varying widths and control the head of material. The vibratory screed delivers pre-compaction and is electrically heated by the paver’s mounted generator.

The F1250CS will replace the 12,800-pound F1200C. It comes with a power boost from 67 to 74 horsepower. The 4-cylinder Deutz engine enables paving up to 8 inches thick and 7 feet wide “even under difficult paving conditions,” Dynapac says.

Dynapac gave the paver a new undercarriage with new track rollers, an improved center of gravity and more powerful hydraulic motors for a smoother drive. The auger system has also been upgraded. The company says the longer tracks improve ground contact and traction. The track tensioning system has been improved and can be adjusted from the outside by a grease gun.

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