New Ditch Witch MT164 Microtrencher Made for Mini Skid Steers

Ditch Witch’s new MT164 Microtrencher attachment, the company’s first SK-series stand-on skid steer compatible unit, is engineered to create clean, narrow trenches for compact cable installation in one pass.

The attachment uses a standard hydraulic plunge to provide variable depth control and can trench up to 2 inches wide and down to 16 inches deep. This allows contractors to cut deep enough to get through a standard-sized curb.

The saw can be placed on the left, right or center of the plate and used in a push or pull application depending on the jobsite. The “push or pull” design eliminates the need to remove the saw from the ground, the company says, creating minimal ground disturbance and a cleaner finish.

The attachment can be equipped with various blades including standard carbide-tipped blades and Ditch Witch PDC blades with diamond-embedded carbide.

The HX75 vacuum excavator can be attached to the microtrencher to suck up spoils and dirt, reducing labor expenses and creating efficiency, Ditch Witch says. If the vacuum excavator is not available, other dust control methods should be used.

Other compact skid steer-compatible models include the MT122 and MT124.

Quick Specs

  • Trench Depth: 0-16 inches
  • Trench Width: 0.5-2 inches
  • Height: 57.5 inches
  • Length: 69 inches
  • Width: 51.8 inches
  • Mass without blade: 1,230 pounds
  • Blade Diameter: 43 inches
  • Blade Speed: 178 rpm