New Cat Skeleton Buckets can be used for grading too

CAT Heavy Equipment in Operation

Caterpillar has introduced a new line of Skeleton Buckets designed for use with skid-steer, multi-terrain, compact track and compact wheel loaders.

Using heavy rods that are 1.25 inches in diameter placed on 3.75-inch centers to form the floor and back, these all-steel buckets are used primarily to separate rocks and large debris from soil and sand, Cat says. The tips of the rods feature welded-on steel tines that enhance breakout force by separating rocks and debris from soil more directly than a solid cutting edge.

Available 79-, 87- and 94-inch widths, Cat says the buckets can be used in agriculture, construction, land clearing, demolition, landscaping and scrap handling applications.

CAT Skeleton Bucket

The sides of the buckets are formed with thick plates with several rectangular openings. The frame of the buckets incorporates two rock dams which retain material.

Steel gussets, welded between the outermost rods in the bucket floor and the sides of the bucket, provide added durability to its construction. The forward ends of the rods in the bucket floor are secured with a support beam positioned between and welded to the bucket sides. Cat says that beyond providing support, this beam also allows the skeleton buckets to be used for grading.

You can check out the full specs of the entire bucket lineup below.

Caterpillar Skeleton Bucket

Skeleton Buckets Product Specifications