New BGTC mixer by INDCO blends traffic paint for roadway markings

When it comes time to paint the roadway, INDCO has a new mixer on the market for blending traffic paints for painting stripes and markings on roadways and parking lots.

The BGTC series gear-drive IBC bracket-mount mixers are available with air, electric, and variable-speed electric operation from ¾ to 2 horsepower.

Units include shaft, folding impellers that can fit through 6-inch tote openings, and expandable mounting bracket. All models feature 90-degree, right-angle gear reducers.

The mixers can also be used for heavier bodied primers and other coatings, including those with high solids content, and reflective glass beads. 

Models come in totally enclosed fan cooled, totally enclosed non-ventilated, and explosion-proof models. Lifting eyes and forklift channels are available options for installing and removing the mixers.