National Association of Building Contractors

National Association of Building Contractors

We have recently been talking to building firm mentor James about using the re-start in a strange new world as a trigger to think bigger and better and move upmarket. In other words, avoiding going back to the same-old…

If you want a 9-5 Monday to Friday week, with money in the bank, and a good, committed team around you, you’ll need a plan. And we can help your fightback – starting with three of the many tips “James Hopkins” founder of the National Association of Building Contractors shared.

#1 Climb out of the recommendation rut. Stop doing referral work that forces you to continue charging the same low price. Year on year you will make less and less money – unlike your suppliers and subbies…

#2 Go after a decent sized project and quote the full amount – all the materials (every last nail), labour, plant, wastage PLUS a percentage of your general running costs; the van, loans, insurances. Then add a proper profit margin.

#3 Take a deep breath. Deliver the quote. Promptly. Win the work on merit. Be professional. Show your insurance details. Explain your commitment to health & safety. Demonstrate your expertise. Make suggestions. Follow up.

As James explains in his new webinar video, it won’t be easy, there is no magic bullet, and it certainly won’t happen overnight. But you have to start somewhere. Over time you’ll be recommended, not as a good and cheap builder but as a good and trustworthy builder.

To talk to James at National association of building contractors about moving to the next level, call 01752 943 118 or drop him a line at and start the fightback. And to all the builders already with a profitable business and a private life – we salute you!