Myths and facts about transporting a refrigerator

How to transport the refrigerator correctly: vertically or horizontally?


There are many popular myths about transporting refrigerators. The site ( knows the truth. Many argue that it is best to transport the device “lying down”, that is, in a horizontal position. And others are sure that the refrigerator should be transported only vertically. A lot of controversy raises the question: “Do I have to wait a few hours before turning on the device in the network after transportation?”


From a technical point of view, refrigerators and freezers should be transported strictly in an upright position, in some cases a slight tilt is allowed. The reason for this is the design of the spring suspension inside the compressor. In the vertical position, it allows you to dampen vibrations that occur during the operation of the compressor. If the device is transported horizontally, vibrations arising during transportation lead to lateral load on the suspension, because of which it can be damaged.


Can I turn on the refrigerator immediately after transportation?


Customers often ask if a refrigerator or freezer can be turned on immediately after transportation. You will also find conflicting answers to this question.


Wait with the refrigerator turned on only if it is transported at a temperature below 0 ° C, since condensation may occur when the appliance is brought into the room due to temperature differences. After the condensate has evaporated, you can safely turn on the refrigerator in the network.


How to successfully transport the refrigerator?


If you want to move the refrigerator a short distance, for example, from one floor to another, you do not need to think long about how to do it. It is enough to turn off the device from the network, remove products from it, take strong assistants to help move the refrigerator, and then turn it on in your new home.

However, when transporting the device over long distances, you must select the carrier company – here ( do the following:


  • free the refrigerator from food;
  • disconnect the device from the network before transporting, so that the freezer can defrost;
  • gently wash the refrigerator with a pH neutral detergent (for example, using warm water with a little detergent);
  • remove all glass shelves inside and make sure they are carefully packed for transport;
  • it is advisable to wrap the device in blankets or sheets to prevent scratches;
  • fasten the device with straps so that it does not tip over during transportation;
  • fix the door with a rope or tape so that it does not open during transportation;

To properly transport the refrigerator, you must install it in an upright position. Only slight tilt is allowed.


  • use the level upon arrival to optimally position the refrigerator;
  • As mentioned earlier, you can turn on the refrigerator immediately after transportation.


We hope that if you follow our recommendations, then transporting a refrigerator is not difficult for you.