Mulch by Remote Control with Prinoth’s New Raptor 100 Crawler Carrier

Operators can now clear mulch in rough and inaccessible terrains from a safe distance with a new remote-controlled landclearing crawler carrier from Prinoth, the Raptor 100.

When combined with the M450h mulcher, the Raptor 100 can be used for a range of forestry and landscaping applications, including mulching brushwood and branches, maintaining green spaces, working on steep ground and at the edges of roads and paths, and working on sensitive surfaces. (To watch a video of the Raptor 100 in action, see the end of this story.) 

The combination of its compact design and light weight makes the Raptor 100 easy to transport, while high ground clearance, low ground pressure, wide tracks, and the ability to lift its mulcher 23.6 inches to clear obstacles enable it to process almost any terrain, the company says.

The machine’s track can be adjusted between 47 and 63 inches to allow the Raptor to move along narrow, steep (up to 45 degrees) pathways. An automatic, hydraulic, maintenance-free chain tensioning system prevents the tracks from coming off, according to Prinoth.

The Raptor 100 runs on a 75-horsepower Deutz diesel engine with a Cleanfix reversible fan for cooling and cleaning. Its hydraulic system consists of three separate systems for propulsion, working and power hydraulics.

Man using Prinoth Raptor 100 remote control systemThe remote control for the Raptor 100 comes with a waist belt, joysticks and an emergency stop system. Operators can work up to 328 feet away.PrinothUsing the remote control, operators can work up to 328 feet away from the machine. The joysticks allow the operator to steer the vehicle with one hand while operating the attachment with the other. An emergency stop system immediately shuts off the machine.

A chain curtain protects against flying debris. For enhanced safety on steep terrain, a hydraulic 360-degree rope winch delivering 2,205 pounds of pulling force can be used to secure the Raptor 100 if required.

Four LED headlights are positioned at the front and rear of the machine.

A protected operating panel with a status display lets operators see  rotational speed, temperature, operating hours and hydraulic pressure.

Check out this video by Prinoth of the Raptor 100 in action: