Matrix Design Group Launches New Collision Alert System

OmniPro Vision AI is designed to provide alerts when pedestrians, vehicles, and other potential hazards are in the path of heavy equipment. 

Matrix Design Group, a technology provider for industrial and mining equipment, has introduced this new collision avoidance system.

With components designed for harsh conditions, OmniPro Vision AI allows for fully customizable zones and the ability to work in low-light and all-weather conditions, making it viable for multiple equipment uses and operating environments.

Integrated tech

Powered by what Matrix Design calls the Hub, a centralized networking device that serves as a point of connectivity for multiple devices, the OmniPro Vision AI can operate up to four cameras. An expansion port is available for additional cameras and the system architecture on the Hub will accommodate future sensors and devices.

The Hub is reportedly easy to install and integrates with most OEMs. The company describes it essentially as a plug-and-play system.

Due to the high-speed processing rate, OmniPro Vision AI minimizes false positives and nuisance alerts that can desensitize workers to alarms. Each camera can monitor up to five fully customizable alert zones that apply to different objects and perform various actions. 

According to Matrix Design, no tags are required, as the cameras will alert pedestrians, vehicles, and key objects. OmniPro Vision AI can identify individuals wearing PPE and pedestrians in any posture, including standing sideways, crouching, kneeling, or in partial view.

Also, the system allows for visual and audible zone breach alerts for both equipment operators and pedestrians. An in-cab monitor can be included to support up to four cameras simultaneously.

Additional integrated options on machines include the slowing or disabling of machine movement based on the level of the zone alert. Speed zones can be established within a facility or on a jobsite to provide improved monitoring of more dangerous areas. A highly visible light bar alerts pedestrians and other vehicles to alert and warning zone breaches.

Data analysis

OmniPro Vision AI can be aligned with the Matrix Group’s OmniPro InFocus cloud-based software that provides 24/7 access to an advanced dashboard with real-time metrics and analytics. 

The application has pre-event and post-event image capture capabilities, configurable about five seconds before and five seconds after an event. Details such as zone breach incidents and timestamped photos are recorded for future reference and reporting.

Data can be filtered by zone type or type of event to provide information on average daily breaches per machine, near misses, or trends over time. In addition, the software will generate an event graph with images timestamped for alert and warning zone breaches. The system can also identify the most dangerous hours in the day and locations on a jobsite and who the safest and least safe operators are.