Low Risk, High Return Pre-Holiday Services to Sell your Clients

Low Risk, High Return Pre-Holiday Services to Sell your Clients

The time just before the holidays can lead to a slump in business. Everyone is focused on buying gifts or putting extra disposable income toward get-togethers. Rather than allow your business to fade quietly into the background during these pre-holiday months, take the time to cater to your clients’ desires for a cozy, happy holiday home and highlight some low risk, high return services that’ll really up the “wow” factor of their spaces and places.

Fireplace Resurfacing

Nothing says “hearth and home” like upgrading an actual hearth. While some intrepid homeowners resurface their fireplaces themselves, it’s a job best left for the professionals. If you’re a contractor with a basic knowledge of masonry, this gig can offer a high return with minimal risks. Because you’re not replacing the actual block used to construct the fireplace, the liability you carry is at a minimum.

Fireplace resurfacing also gives you a chance to upsell other services. By giving clients the idea to give their fireplace a facelift, you may also get them thinking about other upgrades they can make to the family room or gathering space in their home to get it ready for holiday entertaining.

Door and Window Updates

Updating a client’s doors and windows is a bit more of a time investment, but it has a high return. Not only will your clients be eager for the energy savings and warmth, but new doors and windows can add a whole new character to their homes – just the sort of thing needed right before the holidays. Even if your clients aren’t looking for a total replacement, you can still make a fair amount by updating the weather stripping and sealing updrafts around these vital fixtures.

Few people think about replacing doors and windows in late fall and winter, but it can be a boon for your business to run an advertising blitz for this service. The reduction in draftiness of a space alone, especially for clients in old houses, is bound to net more than a few jobs. If you partner with a supplier, make use of their deals to get your clients the biggest bang for their bucks.

Insulation Audits and Upgrades

A sudden freeze can send people scrambling for ways to keep their homes warm. Offering clients the option to audit their insulation is a low risk, high return gig. Identifying the spaces that could use extra insulation in the walls, as well as spots where cold air is leaking in around doors and windows, gives you plenty of chances to talk clients into repair or replacement. Auditing requires no commitment from the client beyond letting you in to check things out, but in doing so, you have an opportunity to build a connection and rapport so they’ll be more inclined to choose you to tend to any under or uninsulated areas.

Because audits require very little in the way of tools or materials, the risk you assume is low. You’re basically getting paid for your knowledge and expertise.

Low Risk, High Return Services

Low-risk jobs aren’t often ones that pay the most. There are some, though, that offer a high return. These services and jobs are the ones to push during the pre-holiday seasons when clients aren’t necessarily looking to upgrade their homes or do major work to the places and spaces they care for.

What service nets you the most jobs during slower, pre-holiday months?