Link-Belt Intros 120|HTLB, a 120-Ton Long-Boom Truck Crane

Link-Belt’s 120-ton hydraulic truck crane is now available in a long-boom option, the 120|HTLB.

Built on the same platform as the 120|HT, the new model delivers 197 feet of reach in a seven-section pin-and-latch boom. An optional two- or three-piece offset SmartFly adds up to 58 feet of reach for a maximum tip height of 263.7 feet.

“Phase two of the 120|HT project included an option for a longer boom. The customer feedback and buy-in from the 120|HT since its launch in 2021 highlighted that crane’s overall performance in the market. Customer fleets across North America are looking for this combination of reach and chart. Now we’re upping the ante; the reach for this new long boom sets it even further apart,” said Andrew Soper, product manager for Telescopic Truck and All-Terrain Cranes.

The 120|HTLB is powered by a fuel-efficient Cummins X12 single overhead cam engine that can hit a top speed of 62 mph.

With the counterweight removed, the 120|HT can be transported with the boom over the front; it weighs less than 94,500 pounds. It can road up to 16,000 pounds of counterweight with the boom over the front and still keep its axle load under the gross axle weight rating, Link-Belt says. Up to 36,000 pounds of counterweight is transportable when a boom dolly is added.

The operator’s cab features a 10-inch touch display, intuitive controls, a wide entry, USB and 12-volt power supply, and increased storage with interior lighting. Large wipers and strategically placed vents provide a clear view regardless of weather conditions.

Link-Belt says the 120|HTLB has excellent capacity and still charts competitively with similarly sized four-axle all-terrain cranes on the market. It features matching performance on the main and auxiliary winches with 23,632 pounds of maximum winch line pull with 49,100 pounds of maximum counterweight.

For easier counterweight setup, the 120|HTLB features Link-Belt’s “Smart Stack” counterweight detection system.