Lind’s new LED Jobsite lights eliminate need for string lights

Lind Equipment says its new LED Jobsite system pays for itself on the first job and reduces downtime, maintenance and installation costs by eliminating the need for hundreds of string lights.

For example, the company says, the brightness and spread of its Beacon 360 Blaze is equal to 250 feet of string lights. And it and Lind’s other LED products can be used again on future jobsites because of their durability. The lights exceed military-grade drop-test standards and have IP65 weatherproof ratings, the company says. Installation requires no hard wiring.

Each of the five models in the LED Jobsite system has triple outlets and two cords matching the light coverage to OSHA standards, so they can be daisy-chained to create different configurations. And the company says the lights cut energy usage as much as 90 percent compared to typical string lights.

Here are the lights in the LED Jobsite system:

  • Beacon360 Blaze – With only 100 watts, it provides 2,500 square feet of light coverage and can replace traditional string lights and high bay lights.
  • Beacon360 Trek – A smaller version of the Blaze, it provides 7,000 lumens of light with 60 watts. It casts light 360 degrees and upward. It can be attached to tripods, floor stands, magnets and clamps.
  • Beacon360 Spark – At 20 watts, the Spark puts out 2,400 lumens. It replaces traditional string lights. Instead, a main circuit can be run throughout halls and corridors and individual lights can branch off into a room or in other directions. The lights can be easily unplugged and moved.
  • LE-HB120LED Highbay – The 120-watt light provides 2,500 square feet of illumination when mounted on a 20-foot-high ceiling. It produces 13,250 lumens and can run 15 lights daisy-chained on the same 15A circuit – 12 more than traditional metal-halide lights allow, the company says. Lind says the light is only 2 inches thick and does not require an external driver, making it compact and easy to store.
  • LE980LED – For outdoor, site, pit and crane lighting. The 200-watt light produces 30,000 lumens and replaces a 1,000-watt metal-halide lamp.