Liebherr’s New LTR 1150 Crawler Crane Gets More Capacity, More Compact (Video)

Liebherr’s new LTR 1150 telescopic crawler crane has 50% more lifting power than the company’s LTR 1100, but it can be transported just as easily as the smaller crane, the company says.

The crane, which has a 150-metric-ton lift capacity, is also the first with Liebherr’s VarioBase system, “which determines the optimum load capacity in real time depending on the fixed track width and the variable rotation angle.”

The LTR 1150 is geared toward construction sites where lifting in many places is needed, such as industrial-building construction. It can move up to 34.6 metric tons into position. And the 173-foot boom can be hydraulically extended to 272 feet with a hydraulically adjustable double-folding jib and telescopic boom extensions, the company says.

The cranes can also be used for wind turbine assembly on wind farms.

Hauling Versatility

liebherr ltr 1150 crawler crane being towed down highway on trailerThe LTR 1150 is designed to be transported by one semi-trailer, but can also be configured for lower weight and width.LiebherrThe LTR 1150 can be transported on a single lowboy trailer with the tracks on at a width of 11.5 feet with a total weight of 60 metric tons.

Weight can be reduced to 38 metric tons by removing the tracks and reducing the width to 9.8 feet. The tracks can be removed by jacking up the crane with four swiveling cylinders. The trailer can then be positioned under the crane. Two tracks can each be hauled on the same semi-trailer. They weigh 11 metric tons each and combined are 8.4 feet wide.

The crane also features AutoBallast that enables the entire ballast process to be completed at the push of a button, the company says.

The crane is designed to be easy to set up, requiring two hoists for the central ballast and another two hoists for the slewing platform ballast.

To watch the crane’s setup from trailer to operation, check out Liebherr’s video below:

Handling Heavier Loads

The new VarioBase increases safety and enables higher load capacities, Liebherr says.

The system comes in handy especially during lifts over the corner of the tracks when track width is reduced.

Track widths of 19 feet, 16 feet and 11.5 feet are available.

The LTR 1150 is also equipped with load charts for lifting on slopes up to 4 degrees. Liebherr has also calculated “WindSpeed Load Charts” for working safely and flexibly at wind speeds of up to 35 mph, the company says. 

Quick Specs

  • Max load capacity: 150 metric tons
  • Telescopic boom: 37’ to 170’
  • Lattice jib: 9.5’ to 108’
  • Engine: Liebherr 292 hp