Liebherr Unveils New L 507 E Electric Wheel Loader

Liebherr has launched its first electric compact wheel loader, the L 507 E, in the European market.

The machine has been available from Liebherr sales partners in several European countries since October 2023. It is the company’s first electric wheel loader, combining the demonstrable advantages of a Liebherr Stereo wheel loader with a battery-electric drive design.

No timeline has been set, but with the continuing drive for electrification even in the North American market, chances are good that the machine will eventually make its way across the Atlantic Ocean.

With no CO2 emissions and reduced noise from running off a 377 V high-voltage lithium-ion modular battery system, the L 507 E matches the performance of its conventional counterpart, the L 507 Stereo, while being more applicable to areas where you must consider noise or exhaust fumes.

Whether at 32.2 kWh or 64.4 kWh, Liebherr’s modular battery concept makes it possible to individually adapt the machine’s power with run times up to 16 hours.Liebherr L 507 EDepending on the on-board charger and power rating, the L 507 E battery can be completely recharged in 1.5 to 3 hours.Liebherr

Liebherr says depending on the on-board charger and power rating, the L 507 E battery can be completely recharged in 1.5 to 3 hours. The on-board charging system guarantees fast charging without the use of external equipment.

To increase efficiency, the energy generated when traveling downhill and during braking is fed back into the battery through recuperation.

Also, for safety purposes, permanent, system-controlled monitoring of the high-voltage plug contacts and electric wiring means that circuitry is automatically switched off in the event of a defect.Liebherr L 507 E wheel loaderLiebherr

Intuitive operation

According to Liebherr, the L 507 E can be operated intuitively and hardly differs from a conventional wheel loader, allowing even less experienced operators to work safely and efficiently with it. 

Like its cousin, the L 507 Stereo wheel loader, the L 507 E features stereo steering, a harmonized combination of articulated steering and rear axle steering. It combines the advantages of conventional articulated steering with those of all-wheel steering, with the result being a minimal turning circle which is particularly practical in more confined spaces and provides operators with more dynamic working movements and responsive handling.

Liebherr also installed its articulated pendulum joint in the L 507 E, which compensates for uneven ground and ensures stability.

As standard, the wheel loader has a final speed of 20 km/h. However, the L 507 E is also optionally available as a “Speeder” and in this version reaches a speed of up to 30 km/h, which makes it easier to move the wheel loader, from one job site to another. 

Liebherr’s battery-powered wheel loader uses the same lift arms of the conventionally powered L 507 Stereo, showcasing the company’s Z-bar kinematics, which work in fork operation without the need for manual readjustment. For a change of buckets or other attachments, Liebherr’s fully automatic (LIKUFIX) quick coupler system is available.

Also, the intelligent machine design of the L 507 E ensures risk-free transportation of loads even on rough terrain. The optional combinations of electrohydraulics and angle sensors provide additional possibilities for machine coordination. The electro-hydraulic pilot controls offer increased responsiveness and help provide more precise movements on the lift arms.

Working environment

Liebherr says the cab of the L 507 E is ergonomically optimized for operator comfort, including an improved layout of the control elements that are intuitive to use. From a comfort perspective, operators can adjust the seat and even the steering wheel individually as desired. 

To ensure further ease of use, a height-adjustable touch function display allows work-related data to be collected quickly. Progress of the charging process is shown as a percentage on the wheel loader’s display, along with a charge time prediction and other settings options to assist in defining a well-planned and efficient operation.

In addition, the amount of glass in the cab provides unobstructed visibility around the machine. An optional integrated reversing camera provides additional views.

 L 507 E wheel loader indoor applicationWith reduced noise and no CO2 emissions, Liebherr’s L 507 E is applicable for indoor applications.Liebherr