Komatsu’s Largest Dozer, the D475A-8, Designed for Twice the Life

When it comes to harsh applications, mining sites rank right up there. That’s why Komatsu has re-engineered the mainframe on its D475A-8 dozer to get twice the life of previous models and withstand multiple rebuild/overhaul cycles.

The redesigned dozer’s low center of gravity provides machine stability and puts more track on the ground to reduce slippage. This also gives the machine more traction, pushing power and ripping efficiency. When shoe slippage is detected, sensors automatically control engine speed to minimize loss of tractive effort.

During long pushes, the automatic gearshift mode engages the torque converter lockup clutch. This directs 100 percent of the engine’s power to the transmission, increases ground speed and matches the efficiency of a direct drive. Torque converter lockup also helps decrease cycle times, improves fuel economy and increases productivity.

Additional oomph where it counts

Compared to previous models, the D475A-8 offers a 10-percent boost in productivity, 11.5-percent more engine power in reverse and a 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption in the torque converter lockup mode.

Komatsu also redesigned the cab to make the D475A-8 more comfortable with features such as ergonomically placed touch points and palm control joysticks. Increased visibility to the ripper shank, a rearview monitoring system and a heated, ventilated, air-suspended seat also improve the operator experience. Additionally, the redesigned undercarriage of the D475A-8 reduces shock and vibrations when the dozer travels over rough terrain.

Features such as centralized greasing points, ground-level fill and evacuation ports, and battery and starter isolators with lockout/tagout functionality minimize planned downtime and improve maintenance efficiency.

Komatsu D475A-8 Quick Specs

• Operating weight: 254,193 pounds

• Net horsepower forward: 890 at 2,000 rpm

• Net horsepower reverse: 968 at 2,000 rpm

• Blade capacity: 35.6 to 58.9 cubic yards