Kohler CheckApp monitors engine fleet, offers online parts ordering

Kohler CheckApp on mobile device

Kohler Engines‘ new CheckApp enables app-based monitoring and maintenance of Kohler engines, providing a direct link between the end user and the manufacturer.

Using the app, users can register an unlimited number of engines, enabling them to keep track of an entire fleet. For each engine entered, the app creates a general overview of the engine’s condition and correlating documentation, including maintenance handbooks and video tutorials that detail how to replace parts.

The app also includes online parts ordering through authorized dealers. Users can view required parts for each registered engine and pay via PayPal directly from the app. (Other purchase options are available.) They can also choose whether they want the parts delivered directly or to pick it up at a dealer location. App users will receive a 20% discount on their first parts purchase, and a 10% discount thereafter.

For each registered engine, CheckApp provides basic maintenance information and sends alerts on scheduled maintenance intervals. Users can run general diagnostics on the engine status, and can be connected directly via Bluetooth to Check Plus, available for engines with a Deutsch connector.

Users that have engines without a common rail fuel injection system can use Check Lite, which measures the engine’s vibrations to establish the maintenance intervals, information that is displayed on the app.

Both Check Plus and Check Lite are available for purchase this month.