kitchen remodeling Denver

Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Denver Colorado

Your kitchen should be inspiring, alluring and captivating. If you are bored with its appearance then an upgrade with a kitchen remodeling contractor Denver can greatly improve the look and feel. This year the newest trends in kitchen remodeling incorporate different color schemes, eco-friendly and innovative designs.

kitchen remodeling Denver


This year the newest trends incorporate different color schemes, eco-friendly and innovative designs. Black matte cabinetry is a captivating trend that bucks the traditional colors expected in a kitchen. Two tone cabinets such as white and woods make a design statement for your kitchen. Creating a seamless look in the kitchen is becoming more popular with concealed vents that blend right into the rest of the cabinets. No matter what your choice, new cabinets enhance the appeal and functionality of your kitchen.


Countertops & Backsplashes

Instead of the tried and true (and boring) laminate countertops, there are countless options to make you kitchen an inviting and unique room in your home. Industrial materials such as concrete are durable and add character to one of the most visible features in your kitchen. Tile backsplashes can add a unique focal point in your kitchen. In 2019, handmade, organic and even custom printed tiles are becoming more prominent. These tiles come in a wide variety of shades and textures.


Kitchen Décor

Mixing different types of metals into any style of home can be tricky, but one of this year’s trends is incorporating mixed metals such as copper, pewter and brass together in your kitchen. These can be in the form of pewter lighting accessories, displaying copper pots and distressed black faucets.



Another kitchen remodeling trend is upgrading your sink. Farmhouse sinks, hammered copper and colorful granite sinks are popular choices. Adding functionality to your sink is also a popular choice allowing homeowners easy convenience while preparing their favorite meals.


Other Accessories

With technological advances, often times our homes are the last to receive an upgrade. Electrical outlets now come with ports to charge your mobile phones and laptops, increased automation and even motion sensors. Welcome to the future.


When you’re ready for some kitchen upgrades, hire an affordable kitchen remodeling contractor Denver to build the dream kitchen that you have always wanted.