Kioti’s Long-Awaited Compact Loaders Make Their Debut

Kioti has officially entered the compact construction equipment market with the launch of its TL750 compact track loader and SL750 skid steer loader.

The Daedong-owned brand, which has been a fixture in the hobby farm market with its compact utility tractors, introduced its dealers to the concept of entering the compact construction equipment market in late 2020.

Design changes, supply chain challenges and the pandemic set back the official debut of the machines, originally slated for early 2022.

The company’s network of about 500 dealers prompted the move to enter the compact construction equipment market, hoping to appeal across their existing markets and extend to landscape and construction contractors.

The first TL750 compact track loader was delivered in October to country singer Trace Adkins with the designated #1 My Kioti as the serial number.

A key component for Kioti is that the new machines are designed, engineered and manufactured by the company. Kioti has emphasized that it is not privately labeling anyone else’s machines.

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Power and Performance

At the heart of the Kioti loaders is a 4-cylinder 74-horsepower Daedong engine, the newest engine entrant among CTLs and skid steers, competing against such established compact engine manufacturers as Yanmar, Kubota and Kohler. Almost all Kioti’s under-75-horsepower products, except for the zero-turn mowers, have Daedong engines. Engine software has been updated to include an anti-stall function.

The 74-horsepower compact track loaders and skid steers will be positioned mid-range in both markets. The TL750 CTL weighs in at 9,315 pounds, and the SL750 skid steer has an operating weight of 8,157 pounds.

Most of the specs on the machines are similar to those on other like-sized machines in the industry.

Kioti says the lift heights to the pins of approximately 130 inches is a spec that sets its units apart from some other brands.

Keeping the units in the mid-range size of 74-horsepower was based primarily on the current market for compact equipment. While several manufacturers have introduced their largest-ever CTLs or skid steers, the largest volume remains more in that midsize range.

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“Kioti’s  entrance to the compact market arrives at a pivotal time for both our company and the industry. Compact sales exploded over the last decade, with no signs of slowing down,” said Justin Moe, product manager, Kioti Tractor construction division. “Our customers are part of this demand, seeking compact equipment for everything from acreage management to worksite applications.”

Operator Experience

Both machines feature a wide cabin, available with the standard open station design or an optional enclosed cab with HVAC for added comfort.

From a comfort perspective, Kioti has a roll-up style door. Customers who have seen the machines up close at trade shows have commented on the roominess of the cab, the company says.

Several standard features are included such as front and rear LED lights, two speeds, self-leveling, a hydraulic pilot joystick, an in-cab display, and a suspension seat.

The LCD digital display has access to a rearview camera, so operators can see what’s going on behind them when backing up. In addition, the monitor provides service codes and service reminders.

Activated with the switch of a button, the standard self-leveling feature automatically keeps the bucket or attachment in a horizontal plane when lifting. Additionally, optional ride control further reduces material spillage and lift arm movement when moving materials across a site.

Unmatched Dependability, Effortless Maintenance

The solid-mounted undercarriage on the TL750 keeps the machine on the ground, improving grading performance, while the track design reduces the chance of de-tracking. Other features include protected hose routing and the open track system, further enhancing durability and minimizing downtime.

For improved machine maintenance, the swing-out rear radiator allows the operator to better reach common service items by removing two bolts. Several common components typically seen underneath the seat or cab were moved to the back of the machine, making them easier to reach and service.

In addition, the easy-to-lift cab and quick access to fittings and valves further simplify serviceability.

Quick Specs


  • Engine: Kioti 74 hp
  • Tipping Load: 5,380 lbs.
  • Rated Operating Capacity: 2,689 lbs.
  • Operating Weight: 8,362 lbs.
  • Lift Height To Hinge Pin: 126.6 inches


  • Engine: Kioti 74 hp
  • Operating Weight: 9,315 lbs.
  • Tipping load: 6,570 lbs.
  • Rated operating capacity: 2,300 lbs.
  • Lift Height To Hinge Pin: 130.3 inches