Keeper Combat Ratchet Tie Downs Offer a Half-Ton of Holding Power

With their no-slip handles and a design that keeps your fingers away from the ratcheting mechanism, the Keeper Combat Ratchet Tie Downs make cargo security simple, quick and safe.

The 16-foot tie down has a 1.25-inch webbing with a half-ton working limit. The webbing is 67% more abrasion resistant and 30% more cut resistant than regular webbing. Vinyl coated S hooks prevent scratches on your cargo tie-off points. Each strap also features a sewn-in soft tie to secure lighter loads.

keeper compbat ratchet tie downsKeeper CombatTo use you simply hook up your cargo and anchor point, then ratchet to the desired tension by raising and lowering the handle. Once the webbing end is placed in the split spindle, tightening and release is done with the ratchet handle and away from the moving portions of the mechanism keeping fingers safely out of the way.

Keeper also offers a 14-foot by 1-inch strap with a 500-pound limit and a 27-foot, 2-inch version that gives you a 3,330-pound load limit. Available at Home Depot and online, the Keeper Combat Ratchet Tie Downs come in two- and four-pack versions with an MSRP of $20 to $48.