Keep hoses clean with Bergkamp tack system for pothole patcher

Road-worker handling hose equipment on truck

The pivot tack hose system attaches to the back of the FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher.

Bergkamp has found a way to keep hoses spraying pothole-patching tack clean and prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard.

The company’s new Pivot Tack/Air Hose System keeps the tack hose off the ground, which eliminates the tripping hazard and prevents the hose from being dragged through the wet tack. The end result is less cleaning for operators and more safety for crews.

Road-worker handling hose equipment on truck

The pivot hose system locks into place for transport.

The system is designed for the company’s FP5 Flameless All-In-One Pothole Patcher. It attaches to the back-right side of the patcher. The pivot arm locks into place when in use, keeping the hose elevated and parallel to the hopper. The pivot arm and hose can move 180 degrees, and the hose has a 20-foot reach with the tack wand. For transporting, a spring-loaded pin holds the hose system in place.

Bergkamp also has a retrofit system for existing FP5 Pothole Patchers.