Kawasaki Debuts All-New Ridge Utility Vehicle (Video)

Designed for work and play, Kawasaki has announced the debut of its all-new Ridge utility vehicle.

The Ridge comes equipped with premium components and cab features for a comfortable rider experience and powerful performance. (To get a closer look, check out the video below.)

The Guts of the Machine

The heartbeat of the machine is its Kawasaki-built liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line four-cylinder engine, which puts out 92 horsepower and 65.6 foot-pounds of torque. The power and torque can handle anything from demanding work to weekend recreation.

Kawasaki says riders will love the remarkably quiet, yet distinctive exhaust notes of the Ridge’s four-cylinder engine. The engine is rubber-mounted for reduced vibrations and a more comfortable ride.

The engine is complemented by a continuously variable transmission for smooth and precise response, even at low speeds. It is designed to allow engine braking. Three gear selections are available: forward-high, forward-low or reverse, as well as the choice of three modes – work, normal and sport – for tailored performance.

Work mode provides a milder response that is ideal for tasks requiring a smooth and constant pace, such as carrying loads or navigating uneven terrain. Sport mode offers a “sharper, more linear throttle response” by establishing a direct connection between the gas pedal and the engine. Striking a balance between the two, Normal mode offers a smooth engine response for everyday driving.

Operators can also select between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with rear differential lock on-the-fly. “With our On-the-Fly system, the transition between drive systems is seamless and instantaneous. As soon as you turn the switch, the vehicle responds promptly, giving you the control to activate 4WD or the rear differential lock precisely when you need it. No need to stop or slow down – adapt to changing conditions on the go,” the company says.

The wide-body chassis is constructed of square steel tubes with high-strength material in high-load areas, such as the suspension mounting plates, for durability and the right amount of flex. A double-wishbone suspension system, both at the front and rear, enables each wheel to navigate obstacles with minimal impact on the chassis. Front and rear disc brakes ensure strong stopping power.

The large-diameter 27-inch tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels contribute to the UTV’s off-road capability and high 14-inch ground clearance.

The 35 x 49 x 12.8-inch cargo bed has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds. It has gas-assisted tilt with tilting-release levers on both sides, allowing easy access to the engine. The flat design allows for loading from three sides. In models without a full cab, the cargo bed can be accessed from the cab. Four built-in hooks provide convenient tie-down points, while slots for cargo dividers also help to stow gear securely.

Additionally, the Ridge has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and a standard 2-inch tow hitch receiver is compatible with a variety of accessory hitches.

The 13-gallon fuel tank provides ample range between fill-ups. It is located away from the wheel and protected by a steel guard to reduce the impact of flying debris. Easily accessible oil and air filters simplify routine maintenance.

Comfort and Styling

The Ridge’s sporty exterior features painted fenders, all-LED lighting, a large aluminum Kawasaki emblem on the front grille, and a solid-looking steel front bumper.

Three people can comfortably fit in the spacious cab with contoured seats for the driver and right-side passenger. Each seat comes with a three-point belt.

Doors and a plastic roof are standard on all models. The factory-standard full cab on the HVAC and Limited models is equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The full cab includes a glass windshield, full doors with power windows, a glass rear panel, a plastic roof with a roof liner, a windshield wiper and washer, a rearview mirror and an interior ceiling light.

Every model is equipped with a tiltable steering wheel with electric power steering, Smartphone connectivity, a DC socket, two USB ports, terminal blocks, and a 7-inch color touchscreen display. The display shows the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, Driving Mode, Power Mode, clock, CVT temperature, and more. Cup holders and multiple enclosed storage compartments are also built-in.

More than 70 optional accessories are available to tailor the UTVs to the operator’s personal preferences and needs.                        

The Ridge is available in four trim levels, including the Ranch Edition, HVAC and Limited, with the base model Ridge becoming available later this spring. The base and HVAC models are available in Candy Persimmon Red, with the Ranch Edition model available in Metallic Stardust White and the Limited model in Metallic Shadow Gold. The MSRP for the models starts at $23,999 for the Ranch Edition, $29,999 for the HVAC, and $33,499 for the Limited. The price for the 2025 base model will be announced at a later date.