JCB Launches New Zero Tailswing 50Z-1 Compact Excavator

JCB has expanded its range of compact excavators with the zero tail-swing 50Z-1, boosting dig depth to 12 feet 7 inches and dump height to 14 feet over its predecessor, the 48Z. 

“The 50Z-1 is a versatile machine with low cost of ownership, making it the perfect solution for contractors, landscapers, owner operators and rental companies,” said Chris Lucas, excavator product manager for JCB North America. 

Designed with a 100% steel body and its zero tail swing, the 50Z-1 allows for power and control in confined spaces.

 “It is ideal for everything from construction, landscaping, and utility work to highway and residential building,” Lucas says.

Easy to use

Like JCB’s larger X-series excavators, the 50Z-1 has a new 7-inch color display screen with an automotive-style rotary dial for screen navigation to access a host of systems and information, the company says.

The operator can set programmable auxiliary hydraulic flows from the cab for up to 10 attachments. The 50Z-1 provides access to key machine information and operation with twin-locking hydraulic quick hitch and tool select, to make attachment changeover easier. The screen is also part of the machine’s safety system, with a new visual lift overload warning.

The cab on the 50Z-1 was engineered for operator comfort, floor space and reduced noise and vibration, according to the company. Redesigned tracking pedals, with auxiliary and boom swing control on the joysticks, leave a clear, flat floor with plenty of legroom in the air-conditioned cab. In addition to the new display screen, the 50Z-1 includes a new hands-free Bluetooth radio, auxiliary socket and 12V charger. 

Cost efficient

JCB says the 50Z-1 was designed to keep operating costs as low as possible. 

The 50Z-1 runs on a 43.3-horsepower engine, which the company says provides programmable auto-idle, auto engine-stop, and four different engine modes to reduce overall fuel consumption.

In terms of maintenance, the first turn of the key automatically brings up an on-screen health check. JCB added convenient access to daily check points, made the H-frame undercarriage easier to clean and boosted greasing intervals to 500 hours to help increase productivity and reduce downtime.

The company also includes a a 5-year JCB LiveLink contract as standard to help monitor fleets at the touch of a button.

Quick specs

  • Machine weight: 10,583 pounds
  • Max Dig Depth: 12 feet 7 inches 
  • Max Reach: 19 feet 8 inches 
  • Dump height: 14 feet
  • Engine Power: 43.3 hp
  • Bucket Tearout Force: 8,542 pound-feet