IMT achieves longest, highest lift capacity with 42684 loader crane

Iowa Mold Tooling's 42684 loader craneThe latest addition to Iowa Mold Tooling’s lineup, the 42684, marks IMT’s longest reaching and highest capacity hydraulic loader crane, able to lift supplies up nine stories.

The crane has a maximum lift capacity of 10,500 pounds, a horizontal reach of 82 feet, 10 inches, and a lift height of 94 feet, 5 inches. It also is the company’s highest rated crane at 305,580 foot-pounds. It weighs 13,201 pounds.

IMT, which is a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, says the crane allows for precise handling and maneuverability of material on pallets. A hydraulic out-and-down stabilizer span enhances stability. An optional Electronic Vehicle Stability system further improves stability and increases the crane’s working area by calculating improved stability conditions. EVS also constantly monitors the stability of the crane during operation.

Other features on the 42684 include a surface treatment that protects the crane from corrosion and impact damage, radio remote control with an LED display of real-time loader conditions, an oil cooler to extend the hydraulic system’s life, and a 420-degree turntable powered by dual hydraulic motors. The gear box on the rotation system is equipped with a heat-treated pinion.

IMT added Progressive Crane Control for smooth crane movement and operator efficiency and Priority Flow Control that the company says optimizes crane movements when operating multiple functions.

The crane includes a Rated Capacity Limitation Safety System to prevent overloading. It automatically stops all loader movement when the crane reaches maximum permissible capacity.

All IMT crane structural parts come with a three-year warranty.