HydroRam HK220-ABF hydraulic hammer features anti-blank fire

HydroRam has introduced a redesigned HK220-ABF hydraulic hammer, which prevents the operator from engaging the attachment unless it is compressed against an object.

RJB Hydraulic Hammers is the exclusive U.S. importer for HydroRam hydraulic hammers. The company says the redesigned HK220 is equipped with anti-blank fire with rental fleets in mind.

“In the past, rental-fleet hammers would have excessive wear and breakage as operators sometimes had misfire incidents, which severely wears down the internal components of the hammer,” the company says. “This excessive wear would sometimes cause severe service incidents and significant downtime for hammers without this feature. Having ABF as a standard feature on the 220 series hammer means that it can easily match up with rental yard excavators in the 200 to 250 class range.”

The company says it also offers the ABF feature on its HydroRams for 2,000- to 14,000-pound classes.